What is CheapEatz App?

CheapEatz app is a real-time promotions app advertising percentage based discounts for local restaurant owners to increase visibility and traffic.  We are a new concept in this space and we're eager to change the culture of discounting by offering quality as well as awesome instant savings.

What Is Real-Time Discounting?

This is a new concept which allow restaurants to discount during certain hours of the day instead of all day.  Owners have more flexibility and control over their discounting.  These discounts go live within seconds of activation.

What Is The Benefit of Real-Time Discounting?

Owners can discount at any moment; Discounts go live within seconds and is seen by our app users.  Unlike most discounts that's currently used on the market, owners can use real-time to target slow periods of the day as well as peak periods to keep business steady. These discounts can also be used to increase guest count during special events that are happening around the restaurant or during weather events that slows business.

Can I Control My Own Campaign?

We encourage all owners to manage and operate their own campaigns.  Owners can defer that responsibility to CheapEatz.

Is This a Delivery App?

CheapEatz app believes in the the restaurant experience.  Our app was developed to increase dine-in sales, however restaurants have the option to allow takeout.

How are you different from Groupon, Living Social, Restaurant.com

CheapEatz is the only real-time app of the group.  We promote locally owned restaurants that operates at a high level.  All participating restaurants must average 4 star 3 of the most popular review sites.  We don't take payments from customers allowing you to receive all of your money.  Our flat fee per guest allows restaurants to be most profitable.  You are only billed for guest redemptions at the end of the month. 

I Never Heard of You, Why Should I Use You?

There's no risk.  We advertise for you for free.  If know one uses our app to visit your restaurant, then you don't owe us anything.  We work very hard on your behalf to increase user usage.  We're only successful if you are successful.