About Us

CheapEatz was founded by restaurateurs Byron & Jemece Gasaway. In early 2018, Byron had the idea of developing a real-time app for restaurant owners. Being local restaurateurs themselves, the biggest need when spending money to properly advertise promotional discounts was precisely the specific need for more frequent customers during off-peak hours. To adequately address this need, they wisely decided to carefully gather a talented team and together created "CheapEatz".

CheapEatz was undoubtedly formed for the dual purposes of conveniently providing considerable value to the customer by eagerly offering real-time discounts and to generate more local traffic to restaurants during slow or non-peak hours. Offering attractive discounts during daily slow periods generously provides local restaurateurs with steady traffic and increased visibility.  

We're appreciative to all who have contributed to our success. As we continue to grow throughout Texas and expand to surrounding states, we're confident everyone will enjoy this convenient and easy to use product.